5 Reasons Why Mad Max Rocked


Written by: SukkarHanem

I know, I know, everyone is talking about it. But everyone has their reasons, and I have mine. If you intend to watch Mad Max: Fury Road, then I suggest you refrain from reading this entry until you have.

Not only did this masterpiece keep me on the edge of my seat biting my nails, it also dug up an entire realm of total and utter passion for hardcore whimsy that has been long, long forgotten inside of me.

It begins and ends with this remarkable Doof Wagon.

It begins and ends with this remarkable Doof Wagon.

This is no ordinary action film; it is different in that it portrays heroes as real, vulnerable and riddled with uncertainty.

The War Boys remind me of chess pawns: expendable, easy to manipulate and willing to give their lives for the ultimate ruler, provided they are “witnessed” as they depart to Valhalla. I also found them to be quite reminiscent of the Tremor Brothers in Smokin’ Aces.

The emotions that Mad Max invoked in me are far deeper than some high school memory and a true adrenaline rush; it invoked in me compassion and an empathy for people going through raw life experiences.

So why did I love this film so much?

1. The vehicles, obviously

According to Fury Road’s head production designer, Colin Gibson, 61 out of the 88 cars used for this production eventually met a fiery, explosive death. The amount of effort and time that went into creating each car was tantamount to that which went into developing each character of the movie. Just think how awesome that is.

The Mighty War Rig

The Mighty War Rig

And since it’s impossible to pick just one favorite, I am going to name my top 3 favorites:

  • The War Rig: not only is this a truly impressive war machine, it also became a stand-alone character. Comprised of a Chevy Fleetmaster and the Czechoslavakian Tatra, this 18-wheeled six-wheel-drive baby runs on twin V8 engines. If that’s not worth salivating for, I don’t know what is!
  • Nux’s Coup: a’32 Ford Deuce made to measure [up to Nux’s madness], complete with a super-turbocharged, nitrous-boosted, steel coil V8 engine, huge exhaust pipes off the side and canted wheels.
  • The Vuvalini Dirt Bikes: an amalgam of ruggedness and true craftsmanship. Among these bikes were BMWs, Royal Einfelds and Yamahas. I especially enjoyed the way they were made to look cozy. Well, cozy enough for a post-apocalyptic desert.

PS. all vehicles in Mad Max: Fury Road were 100% real.

2. Everything, just everything about the Doof Warrior

The man himself

The man himself

His flame-throwing guitar, his wagon, and Max hitching a ride aboard it towards the end. This faceless creature suspended by bungee ropes from the huge, amplifier-rigged wagon is something else. He is the seasoning to the steak that is Mad Max. I genuinely think that his presence truly tied the film together.

3. Refraining from Hollywood’s traditional gender roles

The flow between men and women here was quite natural (given the circumstances). Furiosa wasn’t weak, wasn’t irrational and most importantly didn’t feel like she had to prove anything to anyone, unlike the way women are typically portrayed in other blockbuster films.

I especially enjoyed the moment Furiosa took the shotgun from Max when he missed the Bullet Farmers thrice, there was true camaraderie there and it was refreshing to see them being portrayed on par.

4. Nux and the redhead


To the hopeless romantics among us: the little moments that Nux and the curiously named Capable shared, well, they just added a splash of color to an otherwise barren landscape that was filled with smoke and fire.

5. That one scene where everything just fell apart


I think this signified the ending to me more than the moment Furiosa was lifted up at the Citadel. Passing by the Biker Gang’s canyon one last time and headed for the Citadel, Nux pulled one Kamacrazy move to grant the others’ return.

The reason I loved that scene so much is the serenity with which everything fell apart. You see Nux’s steering wheel and the flame-throwing guitar making one last appearance, among a host of other things, in near-silence instead of an explosion. It was not only aesthetically powerful, it was also refreshingly different.

Anyway, this movie definitely made it to my 2015 favorites. I just hope whatever comes next lives up to the creativity and color this post-apocalyptic film featured.

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