10 Things that Happen to Your Brain When You Move to #Dubai


Dubai is the metropolis of the modern Middle East. The city reminds you of what is “spectacular” and gives a sense of glitz and glamour. But what is it like to live there?

Nancy, a blogger expat living in Dubai, wrote a nice post on 10 things that happen to your brain when moving to Dubai, which gives us a sense of how the experience is like.

Here we go:

1- Summer and Winter get different meanings: Summer means you’re spending it either crawling inside malls or flying away to a place optimal to warm-blooded species, maybe somewhere in Europe or America. As for Winter, it is another summer, just a little milder.

2- Your concept of a week becomes much shorter; Your Sunday starts with a 6 a.m. alarm, and your Fridays always mean beach.

3- The month of March no longer means spring break; it is now the month where mom can’t fail to visit you, and the rest of the family and friends as well. March, there is something about this month. Maybe its the best weather of the year.


4- Having a pool at home no longer means you’re a cool kid. It means you’re most likely tired or busy with other plans and won’t hit it except when you want to show your visiting friends that you have a pool.

5- If living alone used to mean freedom, it now means you will probably never be alone, as overseas friends will never stop visiting. Like a New Yorker you mean? Even worse. New York doesn’t have the tallest Burj in the world!

6- You quickly learn that there are the malls, and there is everything else, you also learn to never hit them over the weekends. That’s why, we go back to point 1.

7- Your mind is regularly planning a trip somewhere, even if you don’t end up booking it. It is like a purgatory, you’re waiting to fly out at some point, and you’re constantly waiting for a chance.


8- You become seasoned in the national politics of any country except the one you live in because, there are practically none.

9- You quickly realize that there are so many gyms and outdoor activities you can do, but there is double that amount of restaurants. And you end up in a never ending conscience fight in your head between how much you ate and the number of hours you exercised.

10- And finally, you painfully but gradually learn that eating publicly during the year is allowed only 11 months out of 12 as there is one month where you get fined for doing so.


Source: The Socio/Log

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